© m-soft 2013 Made with Xara Simple data upload The algorithm could be used during chat on social sites to upload encrypted data files, hiding certain data files during writing letters, in all cases when the content is important not the format.  It is fast, easy, confidential and most importantly unbreakable. The level of confidentiality can be determined between 100 and 10000, which also depends on the performance of the computer. Encryption of files The selected file can be virtually anything. If the format of the files matters too then Office documents, music files, video files or other applications could be chosen too. When choosing the file the size of the file should be taken into consideration, because the file size is directly proportional to the time required for the process. In the downloadable program the recommended size is 1-2MB. Encrypt folder Similarly as it was done with the encryption of chosen files, in the process of the encryption of a folder all the elements of the folder are mass encrypted, but strictly one by one. It is generally applicable that any time, in any size  any key could be created to the different work processes, and loosing this key would mean the loss of all data that was encrypted with this particular key. It is accepted if a good encryption algorithm is not kept secret, as  its knowing does not give clues to the decoding. Only the encryption keys must be kept secret. Update: 2013.09.07