© m-soft 2013 Made with Xara The program source code has unlimited degree of freedom HISTORY OF THE MSDT The inventor of the algorithm studied all the available encryption methods since his childhood.  In his college years he thought of a really striking algorithm and a huge breakthrough in cryptography that in the process of encoding the same data file or data base would be changed with different and changing methods that always leading to different results. He used the  knowledge he gained int he previous years but wanted to use a different method,; to develop his idea he asked the help a couple of his friends. From that time on a small, professional team continued to create a new encrypting system, they constantly tested and improved it until it reached its final form. The msdt existing today could be further improved, of course. The program source code has unlimited degree of freedom, the characters used to fill the matrix, the matrix size, shape, forms, keys and  the quantities within the matrix could be changed by anyone. The source file is intact and under maximum security while the internal content is dynamically changing Update: 2013.09.07