© m-soft 2013 Made with Xara Pros: The program places the encryption method to whole new basis compared to the known encryption programs that were thought safe and where character-replacing or character shift method is used. The known encryption programs always encoding the data in the same way. In this program there is no strong relation among the sets, there is no direct analogy and link among the files. While using the program the algorithm gives a different result each and every time. The coded material doesn't contain the key, so it cannot be decrypted again. It is independent from the code-table, the whole character set is used in the process. Cons: When   large databases should be secured, it needs strong  computer performance. Datas are absolutely safe, and noone can access it. How high level is the encryption? ... bigger than googol number ! How safe is it? The same text/file is  created  every time, with using multiple and different encoding, but every time we get the original content.  The stolen program or the information that was obtained unauthorized remains safe and could be discarded with just a movement or a click. Update: 2013.09.07