© m-soft 2013 In order to keep your privacy intact,  keep your classified information, confidential data safe, use an application you trust.  Do you think there is no such existing? Well, read further then! You can trust nobody ! The Secret can only be a Secret and only could be safe when only one person knows about it.  If you are a natural person (not a legal person or a business company)... ...Have you ever learnt that your treasured secrets were stolen and they are in  the wrong hands? Did you found sending messages unsafe on the internet? Has a third party read your e-mail? Were your passwords, codes and confidential data stolen? If you are an Executive of a company... ...Has it ever happened that unauthorized persons snatched your confidential commercial information? Did they broke your codes and hacked your computer system? Did they steal the classified description of your new product? If you are a leader of a government of a country... ...Have you ever found yourself in an awkward position, because of leaked secrets? Was your phone tapped? N O ? Well, then the information bellow is NOT for you! Made with Xara
Update: 2013.09.07